Animal Care Checklist For Pet Stores

This animal care checklist for pet stores is based on the Pet Retail Store Best Management Practices of the Pet Industry Advisory council. The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) has developed the following Best Management Practices (BMPs) as a guide for retail pet stores in developing excellent husbandry and care standards for the animals … Continue reading Animal Care Checklist For Pet Stores

Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure the restrooms at your hotel, restaurant or commercial facility remain clean and healthy for customers and staff. To ensure your restrooms function properly and are not unpleasant for customers, also refer to the Washrooms Inspection Checklist. Pre-cleaning Protective equipment worn, including gloves and goggles where spraying is involved. Wet Floor … Continue reading Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist

How to Build a Retail Audit Checklist

Retail audits, also called Store Visits or Store Inspections, drive higher compliance with brand standards at store level. They increase sales and profit margins, boost customer satisfaction and cut business risks. Maybe you are starting a retail audit program from scratch. Maybe you have an existing program and are looking to improve or automate your … Continue reading How to Build a Retail Audit Checklist

Store Operations Checklist

Use a store operations checklist and regularly inspect your locations to ensure brand standards are upheld and stores are running optimally. Use this sample Store Operations Checklist to create or update store standards or operations programs across your locations. First impressions On a scale of one to ten; how presentable is the store? Are carts … Continue reading Store Operations Checklist

Visual Merchandising Checklist

Eighty-six percent of retailers report there is a correlation between well-executed visual merchandising and conversion rates. Using a Visual Merchandising Checklist in-store helps ensure your programs are executed on time and across all locations. Use this sample Visual Merchandising Checklist to create or update your visual merchandising program across your locations. STORE EXTERIOR The store … Continue reading Visual Merchandising Checklist

Loss Prevention Checklist

Loss prevention is a very real challenge for retailers. Shrinkage is a problem that costs retailers billions of dollars every year due to external theft, internal theft, and administrative errors. Regularly using a Loss Prevention Checklist across your locations ensures compliance with policy, reinforces training, and demonstrates loss prevention is a priority for your business.    … Continue reading Loss Prevention Checklist

Health and Safety Checklist

A comprehensive health and safety inspection program protects your business. Use this sample health and safety checklist to create or update your health and safety program across your locations. Employee Handwashing Employees are aware of company handwashing standards and practices including scrubbing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and lathering backs of hands, between … Continue reading Health and Safety Checklist

Food Safety Checklist

Incorporating a food safety checklist into your health and safety program not only keeps you compliant and protects the brand from claims, lawsuits, and other headaches but also encourages staff to act appropriately. “The audit process itself becomes a driver for people to not only comply, but to actually have the right behaviors and be … Continue reading Food Safety Checklist

Compliant IA Store Reopening Checklist

Store Reopening Checklist for Retailers

After a temporary closure, there is a lot to do to get your stores up and running and ready to welcome your customers back. Use this sample Store Reopening Checklist to make certain you don’t miss essential details. Employees Confirm employee health and readiness to return to work. Communicate reopening schedule as soon as possible … Continue reading Store Reopening Checklist for Retailers

Barista handing a woman food bag

Employee Wellness Checklist for COVID-19

As a precautionary measure, many foodservice and grocery retailers are using checklists and questionnaires to quickly ask employees about their health prior to starting their shifts. Using an Employee Wellness Checklist during COVID-19 demonstrates to employees that you are taking extra measures to ensure a safe work environment. It also lets customers know you are … Continue reading Employee Wellness Checklist for COVID-19

Hotel Lobby and Common Areas Checklist

The hotel industry is the quintessential "experiential" hospitality industry. For this reason, it is essential for a hotel to make a positive first impression before guests even check-in. Using a hotel checklist can help ensure hotel parking, lobby and common areas are up to standard. First impressions matter. In February 2020 Travel Media Group analyzed … Continue reading Hotel Lobby and Common Areas Checklist

Movie Theater Cleaning Checklist

As movie theaters welcome guests post COVID-19, it is critical to have flawless execution of the guest experience. Cleanliness and sanitation are front and center in consumers' minds. Movie Theater Parking Area Ensure parking entrance has appropriate signage. Clear away any debris from parking areas. Check lot after peak periods. Remove and empty trash. See … Continue reading Movie Theater Cleaning Checklist

COVID-19 Checklist for Retail and Hospitality

Customer facing industries the world over are grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Implementing a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Checklist helps front-line associates in retail and hospitality have up to date information about COVID-19 and follow proper procedures to prevent the spread of the disease. IMPORTANT NOTE TO READERS: This checklist was compiled by non-medical … Continue reading COVID-19 Checklist for Retail and Hospitality

Temporary Store Closing Checklist

COVID-19 is causing many retail stores to temporarily close their doors to the public. With the situation changing so quickly, it can be easy to overlook important details while you rush to respond. To help you make the closing process safe and orderly, here is a sample Temporary Store Closing Checklist to go through the … Continue reading Temporary Store Closing Checklist

Accessibility Checklist for Retailers

An estimated 61 million Americans deal with some type of disability. It's critical to ensure your stores are accessible to all individuals. Using an accessibility checklist is a great place to start to see what efforts are already in place and how you can improve accessibility across all stores. Use this sample Accessibility Checklist for … Continue reading Accessibility Checklist for Retailers

Exterior Area Checklist

The exterior areas around your stores are critically important to first impressions! Use an Exterior Area Checklist to ensure the area around your stores is clean, safe and invites customers to come into your stores. This sample Exterior Area Checklist comes from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety and is included here in case … Continue reading Exterior Area Checklist

KPI Checklist

Key Performance Indicators are performance measurements that help you know if your business is reaching its goals and operating optimally. Use a KPI checklist to help you measure, detect and respond to dips in sales and margins and other strategic facets of your business. Below, some sample Key Performance Indicators to include on your KPI … Continue reading KPI Checklist

Checklist for Thrift Stores

Whether you are a thrift store, consignment store or vintage retailer, you have a wide range of duties across several departments. From receiving and approving donations, sorting, pricing and finally merchandising items, using a Checklist for Thrift Stores will improve the performance of your operations...and your bottom line. Use this sample Checklist for Thrift Stores … Continue reading Checklist for Thrift Stores

What is a Smart Checklist?

A smart retail checklist has points, best-practice pictures, supporting files, conditionals and action plan recommendations. It allows company standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved. It guarantees programs and policies are deployed in full, in time, in every store. A smart retail checklist is typically built online with a Form Builder or in … Continue reading What is a Smart Checklist?

Parking Lot Inspection Checklist

The parking industry is largely divided into two types: on-street parking and off-street parking. On-street parking is predominantly owned by municipalities while off-street parking is privately owned. Both types need to ensure lots are in good repair and compliant with regulations and customer expectations. Here is a sample Parking Lot Inspection Checklist to help you … Continue reading Parking Lot Inspection Checklist