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Use this sample Drive-thru Checklist to create or update your drive-thru inspection program across your retail locations.

You can pick-up dinner, grab a coffee, do your banking and, at least in Las Vegas…get married all at the drive-thru! Customers value the convenience and speed of service of drive-thrus.  Below, a list of criteria for auditing drive-thrus and making sure your guests always have a positive experience.

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When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.
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Effective retail and hospitality execution requires certain components, first communication, second task management, and third audits / assessments.

Drive-thru Lane

When done, here is content other readers find helpful:
  1. Is the drive-thru lane easily located and clearly marked?
  2. Are the painted drive-thru lane arrows easily visible and clearly marked?
  3. Do the lights automatically come on after dusk and the lane well lit?
  4. Is all lane lighting in good working order?
  5. The drive-thru lane free of litter?
  6. Is a garbage container available prior to driving up to the menu boards?
  7. Are the garbage containers in good condition and not overflowing?
  8. Is the garbage can easy to access without getting out of the car?
  9. The drive-thru lane free of graffiti?
  10. Is the drive-thru lane free of damage to curbing?
  11. The drive-thru landscaping free from trash?
  12. Is the drive-thru landscaping free from dead plants and/or shrubs?
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Drive-thru menu boards/signs

  1. Drive-thru menu boards/signs and speaker posts are clean and in good condition?
  2. Menu boards/signs and speaker free from dirt and mildew?
  3. All drive-thru menu boards/signs and speaker are free from obvious cracks or damaged lenses?
  4. Are all drive-thru menu boards/signs and speaker free from visible tape and/or stickers?
  5. Drive-thru menu boards/signs and speaker are free from handwritten signs?
  6. Is the menu board well lit?
  7. Are the menu board pictures well-presented and not faded?
  8. The speaker is free from obvious visible damage?
  9. Pickup window is clean and the area free of handwritten signs?
  10. Is the pickup window clean?


  1. All employees at the drive-thru window(s) appear presentable and in proper uniform?
  2. Are all employees at the drive-thru window(s) wearing a name tag?
  3. The pickup window cashier organized and efficient?
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  1. Are you greeted politely, within 5 seconds after you stopped at the menu board speaker?
  2. At the speaker, are you offered an additional item and told about the current promotion?
  3. Is the cashier repeating your order to confirm?
  4. Once the order is confirmed, is the cashier giving you the total?
  5. After being given the total, are you asked to drive around to the window?
  6. At the pickup window, is the cashier smiling and repeating the correct total?
  7. Did you receive your order within 120 seconds of stopping at the pick-up window?
  8. How long did it take for you to receive your order? Minutes: ___ Seconds: ___
  9. You are sincerely thanked when you were handed your order?
  10. Are each items of your order in the correct packaging?
  11. Napkins included with your order?
  12. Is a receipt included with your order?
  13. The order is free from spills and leaks?
  14. Is the order 100% accurate? 


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