How-To Video for Executing Brand Standards and Programs

Watch this short video demonstration of how to execute retail and hospitality brand standards and site programs with Bindy. OTHER Brand Standards RESOURCES Refer to the Brand Standards category for how-tos and best practices for brand standards in retail and hospitality.

Compliant IA Announces Rebrand to Bindy

For Immediate Release Toronto, ON, November 23rd, 2021 Compliant IA Rebrands to Bindy to Reflect Growth and Diversification. Compliant IA, a leading supplier of cloud-based retail execution solutions, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand to Bindy reflects the way the company has grown and diversified in recent years. The company … Continue reading Compliant IA Announces Rebrand to Bindy

Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps

Presenting customers with options is part of the Bindy culture. Let's discuss how to choose a retail audit software vendor, in six steps. Being a retail audit software vendor ourselves, it is arguably difficult not to be biased. For this reason, we try to remain neutral in the general discussion while also identifying what Bindy … Continue reading Choose a Retail Audit Software Vendor in 6 Steps

Excel / Email vs. Bindy

Most customers come to Bindy with an existing retail audit workflow developed in house. It usually involves Excel™, email, phone calls and a large investment in human sweat equity to compile the data that was collected. Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of collecting, distributing and compiling data like this will invariably think...there has … Continue reading Excel / Email vs. Bindy

Mobile-First does not mean Mobile-Only

Some retail audit and store execution apps only run on mobile devices. They do not support store PCs and district managers’ laptops running Microsoft Windows™ or Apple OS X™. Why restrict options? Isn't universal access and broad participation essential to the success of an in-store program? The success of an in-store program, such as a … Continue reading Mobile-First does not mean Mobile-Only

The Bindy Workflow

Bindy implements an end-to-end, closed-loop store execution workflow. It you want to validate brand standards or "make it happen" at store level, Bindy is for you. Let's dive in on key steps of of a common workflow for a retail organization. Step 1: Build checklist(s) at head-office Build forms using the system's web-based Form Builder … Continue reading The Bindy Workflow

Do You Need Retail Audit Software?

Asking a retail audit software vendor whether you need retail audit software may be like asking a shoe salesperson whether you really need shoes. And yet the answer may surprise you. The economics of automation hinge on your activity and the exposure, liability and costs that inconsistent or poor execution may have on the brand's image and … Continue reading Do You Need Retail Audit Software?

What is a Retail Audit Action Plan?

What is an action plan? When the district manager walks a store/location as part of the retail audit, she is bound to find issues. Even the best and most diligent operators make mistakes occasionally. Brand standards exist for a reason: they protect the brand and make locations more inviting to guests and more profitable. The … Continue reading What is a Retail Audit Action Plan?