Store Operations Checklist

Use a store operations checklist and regularly inspect your locations to ensure brand standards are upheld and stores are running optimally.

Use this sample Store Operations Checklist to create or update store standards or operations programs across your locations.

A good checklist needs a good workflow

In highly competitive industries like retail and hospitality, it is critical to hit the ground running with flawless execution of programs and brand standards.
Know how to build a checklist to effectively communicate, execute, and verify essential standards and programs across all sites.
When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.

First impressions

When done, here is content other readers find helpful:
  1. On a scale of one to ten; how presentable is the store?
  2. Are carts or baskets available near the door?
  3. Aisles are free of obstructions?
  4. Aisles/sections are appropriately labeled?
  5. A sales associate is easy to locate if assistance is needed?
  6. Current sales signage up?
  7. Signage and props in like new condition?
  8. Store lighting optimized with no burnt-out bulbs?
  9. Is store shelving, countertops and product dust free?
  10. Are shelves fully stocked, but not cluttered?
  11. Is garbage and recycling taken out nightly?
  12. Are public washrooms clean (if applicable)? For more details, see Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist.
Gaining visibility into your sites also makes them accountable


  1. Are seasonal products on display? For more details, see Visual Merchandising Checklist.
  2. Is product restocked completely at regular intervals?
  3. When was the last restock completed?
  4. Product appropriately organized by size/brand/etc.?
  5. Is every item priced with a hang tag or barcode? Check 3 items in each section.
  6. Discounted or sales product is clearly marked?
  7. Product packaging sealed, clean and free of damage?


  1. Are lines moving efficiently?
  2. Cash wrap is free of personal effects and extra money?
  3. Flyers/cards/print collateral are readily available for customers to take?
  4. Regular deposits are being made?
  5. Does deposit slip have required signature?
  6. Overages/Shortages are recorded?
  7. When was the date of the last cash audit?
  8. Holds greater than 7 days are cleared or converted?


  1. Did the staff greet customers?
  2. How long did it take for an employee to greet you when entering the location?
  3. Was the service satisfactory?
  4. Please comment on employee interactions with customers. Review service standards if needed.
  5. Was the retail associate aware of the current promotion? Note name of the associate.
  6. Ask one employee to detail customer service standards. Provide details about your discussion.
  7. All staff are signing in and out, or logging hours according to company policy?
  8. Are there missing punches?
  9. Schedules are posted and up to date?


  1. When was the last date of employee training?
  2. Interview any newly trained employees. Record any employee follow-up questions to training.
  3. What was the date of the last staff meeting?
  4. When is the next staff meeting scheduled?
  5. Did you identify any coaching opportunities while in store? Provide details.
Checklist app for retail and hospitality


  1. Is there a functional fire/smoke detection system? For more details, see the Health and Safety Checklist.
  2. Is there a fire extinguisher mounted in a designated area and unobstructed?
  3. Check and note the fire extinguisher expiry date
  4. Do staff know the location of the fire extinguisher? Ask 3 team members.
  5. Have staff been properly trained to use a fire extinguisher?
  6. Is there a sprinkler system?
  7. What was the date of the last sprinkler inspection?
  8. Is the fire plan regularly tested?
  9. Do staff know what to do in the event of a fire?
  10. When was the date of the last fire drill?
  11. Do staff know the emergency exit location and meeting place?
  12. Do the emergency exit doors swing out?

Shared Spaces

  1. The office is clean and free of clutter?
  2. The employee shared space is free of clutter or food?
  3. Do staff know where to store personal effects?
  4. The staff fridge is clean, no expired food?
  5. Is the sink free of dishes?
  6. The employee bathroom is clean and stocked with soap and supplies?


If you are looking for checklists to manage your operations and brand standards, you have two options.

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  2. Refer to our checklists category of more than 33 checklists to manage every aspect of your operations.

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