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The hotel industry is the quintessential “experiential” hospitality industry. For this reason, it is essential for a hotel to make a positive first impression before guests even check-in. Using a hotel checklist can help ensure hotel parking, lobby and common areas are up to standard. After all, consistent quality is one reason the hospitality industry can give guests to chose hotels over AirBnb.

First impressions matter. Travel Media Group analyzed 1,000 guest reviews across the US. It found that in the case of 1 and 2 star reviews, 73.5% had an issue with cleanliness, 14.63% with service, and 11.87% with maintenance.

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This post is part of our Checklists series. In highly competitive industries like retail and hospitality, it is critical to hit the ground running with flawless execution of programs and brand standards.
Know how to build a checklist to effectively communicate, execute, and verify essential standards and programs across all sites.
When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.
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Effective retail and hospitality execution requires certain components, first communication, second task management, and third audits / assessments.

Hotel Parking Area

When done, here is content other readers find helpful:
  1. Ensure parking entrance has appropriate signage. If applicable, check gates are working.
  2. Clear away any debris from parking areas. Check lot at least twice daily for debris. Remove and empty trash.
  3. See that parking lines and directional arrows are legible.
  4. Check daily for unauthorized vehicles.
  5. Inspect lighting. See that all lighting is working and there are no dark corners.
  6. Ensure there are clearly marked pedestrian walkways.
  7. Clearly mark handicapped parking spaces.
  8. Keep all fire lanes clear.
Communicate, execute, and verify is how good hospitality becomes great

HOtel Exterior and entryways

  1. Ensure hotel signage is lit and visible to passing cars and pedestrians.
  2. Examine flower bed, containers, and landscaping to make sure it is neat and free from garbage, dead plants, and overgrown areas.
  3. Check that address sign or number is easily visible from the street.
  4. Ensure building is well lit from all sides.
  5. Check that all emergency exits, landings, and steps from the building are marked, unblocked, and kept in good condition.
  6. Ensure fire department connections are kept clear, accessible, and have caps.
  7. In winter, clear roof area over entrances/exits from falling ices/snow hazards.
  8. Empty garbage containers. Ensure containers are in good repair. Wipe any smudges and dirt.
  9. Sweep entrance and steps.

For more, see this sample Exterior Area Checklist.

Hotel Lobby

  1. Wipe entrance doors and windows to remove dirt and smudges. Sanitize handles.
  2. Sweep, vacuum, or mop entrance and lobby floors at least twice daily. Spot clean as needed.
  3. Examine lobby carpets, floors, and furnishings for wear and stains. Repair accordingly.
  4. Wipe and sanitize lobby furniture, hard surfaces, door handles and other touchpoints.
  5. Empty garbage cans and wipe any smudges.
  6. Ensure security cameras are working properly.
  7. If applicable, clean and sanitize coffee and water stations. Restock by daypart.
  8. Tidy and restock tourism brochures.
  9. Ensure luggage carts are available, in good repair, and clean. Sanitize upon return if utilized by guests.

Monthly Hotel Lobby Maintenance

  1. Check lobby HVAC system. Replace filters and remove debris.
  2. Check exterior, interior and restrooms for pests.
  3. Inspect for mold and mildew.
  4. Dust blinds and refresh drapes.
  5. Move and clean under furniture.

Hotel Lobby Restroom

  1. Check lighting and replace any burnt out bulbs.
  2. Clean and sanitize toilet seats, bowls, and stall walls and doors.
  3. Wipe down and sanitize counters and sinks.
  4. Refill toilet paper, paper towels, soap, hand sanitizer, and complementary toiletry supplies.

For more, see this Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist.

Hotel Front desk

  1. Wipe down and tidy desk by daypart.
  2. Resupply key cards, parking permits, maps.
  3. Count and balance cash drawers.
  4. Review reservations and ensure all guest accessibility requirement are met.
  5. After checkout, communicate with housekeeping. Call any guests who have not left and plan for late checkout, stay over, or lock out.
  6. Communicate with airport or city shuttle buses and ensure they are running on schedule.
  7. Greet all guests upon arrival.
  8. Follow phone answering protocols.
  9. Accept and store guest luggage according to proper procedures. Check storage room security.

Hotel Elevators, stairs, escalators

  1. Regularly sanitize all elevator, stair, and escalator touchpoints.
  2. Inspect for any debris or any blockages.
  3. Vacuum, sweep or mop twice daily or more often during busy times.

Hotel Breakfast Room

  1. Monitor temperature for cold food stations and ensure temperatures are at or below 41 F.
  2. Monitor hot food stations. Ensure all food is held at a temperature of 135 F or higher.
  3. Label hot spots and display caution signs for hot liquid.
  4. Check any prepackaged food expiration dates. Ensure food is rotated according to first in first out.
  5. Stow cords to prevent tripping.
  6. Cover self serve food. Regularly change out and sanitize all utensils.
  7. Set up tables and chairs to allow for traffic flow and accessibility requirements.
  8. Wipe and sanitize tables between guests.
  9. Ensure highchairs are available. Sanitize between use.
  10. Vacuum, mop, and sweep breakfast room before and after service.
  11. Wash hands before starting work or serving guests in food areas.
  12. Use gloves or utensils to handle ready-to-eat foods.

This section references food safety and hospitality standards compiled by Iowa State University. For additional food safety resources, see our Food Safety Checklist and Equipment Checklist for Commercial Kitchens.


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