✔️ Food Safety Checklist

Incorporating a food safety checklist into your health and safety program not only keeps you compliant and protects the brand from claims, lawsuits, and other headaches but also encourages staff to act appropriately. “The audit process itself becomes a driver for people to not only comply, but to actually have the right behaviors and be … Continue reading ✔️ Food Safety Checklist

How IoT is Transforming Retail and Food Service

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that’s been around for a while. And though conversation around the buzzword fluctuates, it’s is already ingrained in most major retailers’ day-to-day operations. IoT is literally every device, tool, machine, and human that transfers data over an internet connection.  IoT technology in retail is expected to reach … Continue reading How IoT is Transforming Retail and Food Service

Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

We have a bone to pick with some of our favorite QSR brands. It’s not the menu. It’s not the service. It’s not the seating, the parking lot nor the drive-thru. Quick service restaurants have obviously spent money, deployed systems and rolled-out processes in these key areas and it shows. But when nature calls, or … Continue reading Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.