How to Run a Successful Thrift Store

As consumer demand for sustainability and minimalism continues to grow, secondhand products are back in vogue. The market is expected to grow 11X faster than the retail clothing sector and may reach $77 billion by 2025.  Indeed, with 16-18% of Americans shopping at thrift stores in a year, the secondhand market is gaining a lot … Continue reading How to Run a Successful Thrift Store

Checklist for Thrift Stores

Whether you are a thrift store, consignment store or vintage retailer, you have a wide range of duties across several departments. From receiving and approving donations, sorting, pricing and finally merchandising items, using a Checklist for Thrift Stores will improve the performance of your operations...and your bottom line. Use this sample Checklist for Thrift Stores … Continue reading Checklist for Thrift Stores