Store Reopening Checklist for Retailers

After a temporary closure, there is a lot to do to get your stores up and running and ready to welcome your customers back. Use this sample Store Reopening Checklist to make certain you don’t miss essential details.

Checklist vs workflow

In highly competitive industries like retail and hospitality, it is critical to hit the ground running with flawless execution of programs and brand standards.
Know how to build a checklist to effectively communicate, execute, and verify essential standards and programs across all sites.
When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.
A good checklist needs a good workflow


When done, here is content other readers find helpful:
  1. Confirm employee health and readiness to return to work.
  2. Communicate reopening schedule as soon as possible with employees.
  3. Post shift schedules as soon as possible.
  4. Employees are scheduled in groups of two or more for safety during store setup for reopening.
  5. Distribute and log store keys.


  1. Verify inventory count and records.
  2. Take stock of inventory and record losses of any product damaged/out of date/spoiled during closure.
  3. Contact vendors and suppliers to update product orders and delivery schedules.

Store Exterior

  1. Sweep sidewalks, dust ledges, wash store windows and doors.
  2. Clear all debris from in front of store.
  3. Ensure building is clean and well lit.
  4. Parking lot, if available, is clean with garbage cleared.
  5. Landscaping is refreshed and maintained.
  6. Up to date promotions and reopening signs are displayed in windows.

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Sales Floor

  1. Clean light fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs.
  2. Sanitize doors and knobs.
  3. Sweep and sanitize floors.
  4. Dust displays and surfaces.
  5. Check that all fixtures, floors, walls, windows, and surfaces are clean and well maintained.
  6. Before restocking product, review updated merchandising guides/promotional materials.
  7. Ensure merchandisers/staff are scheduled to set up displays and equipment.
  8. Stock shelves and displays.
  9. Verify product pricing.
  10. Place promotional signage.
Checklist app for retail and hospitality

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Facilities and Security

  1. Sweep and sanitize floors.
  2. Organize and put away any stock received while store was closed.
  3. Clean out air vents and replace filters as necessary.
  4. Ensure HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are operating properly.
  5. Check for pests.
  6. Ready backdoors/loading docks to receive deliveries.
  7. Verify all locks are in good repair.
  8. Check surveillance cameras and ensure they are working.
  9. Ensure alarm systems are working.
  10. Update alarm codes if necessary.
  11. Review loss prevention and security policies with employees.
  12. Educate employees on any new handwashing, sanitization, health and safety policies.

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  1. Boot up POS systems, credit card machines and verify systems are ready to process transactions.
  2. Verify closing cash count and set up registers.
  3. Ensure POS is clean, sanitized, and free from personal effects.


  1. Ensure sinks and all plumbing is working correctly.
  2. All lights are turned on and working with no burnt-out bulbs.
  3. Clean and sanitize employee bathrooms including all surfaces (counters, sinks, toilets, floors, handles and doors).
  4. Restock employee bathroom supplies: soap, sanitizer, clean towels, toilet paper.
  5. Clean customer restrooms including all surfaces (counters, sinks, toilets, floors, handles and doors).
  6. Restock customer bathroom supplies: soap, sanitizer, clean towels, toilet paper.

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Before Store Opening Walk Through

  1. Do final walk through of back rooms, washrooms, sales floor and POS stations.
  2. Assign any deficiencies for correction.
  3. Turn on all lights.
  4. Place open sign and sandwich boards.

While you are busy with reopening logistics, don’t neglect your online presence.

The checklist above deals with in-store reopening procedures, but before you can welcome customers back into your stores, you need to connect and let them know you are reopening! Update your social media and remember to send emails letting your customers know you are ready welcome them.

See our blog for 5 Tips for Creating Campaigns that Increase In-Store Traffic once you are open and ready to go!


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