🚀 Mystery Shopping vs. District Managers

Some swear by it. Other won't go near it. Mystery Shopping certainly has its supporters but also its detractors. In this article, we go over the key differences between mystery shopping and district manager led assessments. Let's dive in. District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately … Continue reading 🚀 Mystery Shopping vs. District Managers

✔️ Food Safety Checklist

Incorporating a food safety checklist into your health and safety program not only keeps you compliant and protects the brand from claims, lawsuits, and other headaches but also encourages staff to act appropriately. “The audit process itself becomes a driver for people to not only comply, but to actually have the right behaviors and be … Continue reading ✔️ Food Safety Checklist

How to Offer a Consistent Dining Experience Across Several Locations

In the food service and hospitality business, running a single-unit operation is hard enough, but managing several locations multiplies the challenges. Customers expect a dependable, consistent quality of food, service, and ambiance with each and every visit to each and every location.  You might be providing exceptional dining experiences at your flagship establishment, but that’s … Continue reading How to Offer a Consistent Dining Experience Across Several Locations

✔️ Drive-Thru Checklist

Use this sample Drive-thru Checklist to create or update your drive-thru inspection program across your retail locations. You can pick-up dinner, grab a coffee, do your banking and, at least in Las Vegas...get married all at the drive-thru! Customers value the convenience and speed of service of drive-thrus.  Below, a list of criteria for auditing … Continue reading ✔️ Drive-Thru Checklist

It is Time to Abandon Excel for Brand Standards

When we went paper less, we all assumed we'd magically become more efficient. Whiz-bang, look at us saving data! However, you can be just as inefficient with technology as you can without. Capturing data electronically does not, in and of itself, make it efficient. To make matters worse, multi-unit operators now collect more data about … Continue reading It is Time to Abandon Excel for Brand Standards

Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?

A retail audit system helps multi-unit retailers achieve store-level compliance with brand standards such as operations, service and merchandising standards. How can retail audits help Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) and why do QSRs need retail audits? Here are 10 reasons why the QSR industry needs retail audits. Health and safety When preparing and serving food, … Continue reading Why do Quick Service Restaurants Need Retail Audits?

Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.

We have a bone to pick with some of our favorite QSR brands. It’s not the menu. It’s not the service. It’s not the seating, the parking lot nor the drive-thru. Quick service restaurants have obviously spent money, deployed systems and rolled-out processes in these key areas and it shows. But when nature calls, or … Continue reading Great Sandwich. Lousy Washrooms.