✔️ CPG Merchandising Checklist

Use this sample CPG Merchandising Checklist to create or update your visual merchandising program across your retail partner locations. Shelves Shelves are stocked. No product holes. There are no unauthorized items. All authorized items are stocked on the shelf. Correct planogram used for the location and category (attach a photo). Number of “facings” is appropriate … Continue reading ✔️ CPG Merchandising Checklist

5 Tips to Improve CPG and Retailer Collaboration

Are you disappointed with how your brand is performing in retail stores? Do you ever feel like you and your retail partners aren’t on the same page? If you find yourself nodding your head to those questions, perhaps your retail strategy is missing an important component: collaboration. When CPG companies and retailers form collaborative partnerships, … Continue reading 5 Tips to Improve CPG and Retailer Collaboration