Washroom Inspection Checklist

Use this sample Washroom Inspection Checklist to inspect your commercial restrooms and ensure they function properly and are not unpleasant for customers.

For bathroom cleaning specifically, refer to the Commercial Restroom Cleaning Checklist.

A good checklist needs a good workflow

In highly competitive industries like retail and hospitality, it is critical to hit the ground running with flawless execution of programs and brand standards.
Know how to build a checklist to effectively communicate, execute, and verify essential standards and programs across all sites.
When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.

General Washroom

When done, here is content other readers find helpful:
  1. Are the washroom’s door and handle clean and in good repair?
  2. Is the washroom’s interior clean upon first impression?
  3. The washroom is free of any unpleasant odor?
  4. Is the washroom well lit?
  5. Are all light bulbs in the washroom functional?
  6. Is the garbage not overflowing?
  7. The current promotional signage is displayed in the washroom?
  8. Is the washroom free of graffiti?
  9. The washroom is free of vandalism?
  10. Do all stall doors close and lock properly?
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Sink Area

  1. The paper towel dispenser is at least half full?
  2. Is the electric hand dryer operational?
  3. The soap dispenser is at least half full?
  4. Is the sink clean?
  5. Does the sink’s tap supply both hot and cold water?
  6. Are all the faucets free of leaks?
  7. Do all faucets flow properly and not spray water onto a patron or the counter?
  8. Is the mirror free of cracks and in good repair?


  1. Is toilet paper available in the dispenser next to the toilet?
  2. Are toilet seat covers available in the dispenser(s) behind the toilet?
  3. The toilet seat clean?
  4. Is the toilet seat in good repair? (no cracks, does not move when you sit, raises and lowers properly)
  5. The toilet bowl free of stains?
  6. There is a bin next to the toilet to dispose of non-flushable materials?
  7. Does the toilet flush properly?
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  1. Do the urinals flush properly?
  2. The urinals drain properly?
  3. Are the urinals free of stains?
  4. The urinals are free of debris?
  5. Is there a deodorizing “puck” in each urinal?

Infant Change Table Area

  1. Does the infant change table raise and lower securely?
  2. Is the infant change table free of stains and cracks?
  3. The infant change table is stable and in good order?
  4. Are liners available in the dispenser next to the change table?

Dirty washrooms are a problem everywhere but especially in food service. Read how dirty washrooms can ruin a restaurant brand.


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