⭐ Case Study: How one Hospitality Group Used Bindy to Obtain Insurance Certificates from 300 Hotel Franchisees

In the hotel business, it is essential to have insurance, and proper coverage. The risks of fire, injuries or litigation are simply too great to ignore. Insurance is also a legal requirement of the franchisor-franchisee relationship and ensuring said insurance exists and is adequate is an important risk-mitigation step for both the franchisor and the franchisee.


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Large hospitality group with 300+ hotels across several brands and time zones.


The customer had fallen short in their previous attempts to obtain insurance certificates from franchisees. They had made several requests by email but few franchisees where writing back with the information requested. Emails are easy to ignore and lack traceability.

Furthermore, finding out who had and hadn’t sent the certificates was challenging and time-consuming, especially when dealing with 300+ hotels. Every email reminder added even more work and the end result, the overall number of certificates on file, was still substandard.

Not having evidence of insurance coverage on file adds risk to the business and the customer had to find a better solution.

So, they turned to Bindy.

Solution execution

The customer quickly created a new actionable form using Bindy’s form builder. They used conditional logic and mandatory photos to give franchisees options in how the certificate would be submitted, as a photo from a mobile phone or as an attachment such as Word or PDF from a PC.

The customer created a task in Bindy asking franchisees to complete the actionable form electronically and submit the required information. However due to ownership situations, they didn’t want to send this request to all franchisees. So they used Bindy’s built-in site tagging system to target only the ownership criteria required.

An email and app notification were sent to all recipients. Recipients were able to submit the requested information on a phone, a tablet and a PC. A “No later than date” was attached to the task which allowed the system to send a second reminder notification to those who had not already done it.

Date, time and geographic coordinates were added to all submissions.

Solution conclusion

The customer was able to send this request to 300+ franchisees with a minimal investment in time. They were able to track in real time who had and hadn’t submitted the information. The information submitted was also permanently added to each site on the Bindy platform, viewable by those with access permission for this site and form.

More importantly, the overall percentage of certificates on file jumped from 10% to 80% in 4 weeks. Having evidence of insurance coverage was finally made easy and it reduces risks and liabilities for the franchisor and the franchisees.

It is worth noting that customers can use Bindy to collect insurance information, but also lower insurance premiums by helping to identify and remedy potential hazards and risks.


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