🚀 What Is Retail Task Management?

Effective retail and hospitality execution requires certain components, first communication, second task management, and third audits / assessments. In this post, we focus on task management.

Retail task management is the process of managing tasks including priority, due date, granular distribution to selected recipients, verification photos, tracking and real-time reporting. Task management helps retail and hospitality brands achieve specific goals through the distribution of actionable and trackable requests.

Key Functions of Retail Task Management software

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Retail Task Management software needs to:

  1. Allow users to create and assign tasks on the fly. Creating a task should take a few seconds and be entirely controlled by the task creator, subject to their seniority and store affiliation in the store list.
  2. Support targeted distribution to specific recipients or by role and site tag.
  3. Remind recipients who have not completed the task by the due date.
  4. Support priority and best practice photos.
  5. Support verification photos to ensure the task was properly completed.
  6. Be platform and device agnostic. Users should be able to view and complete tasks on a PC, tablet or mobile phone, any time, from anywhere.
  7. Allow the task creator to instantly view who has completed the task, when it was completed, with verification photos, all in real time.
  8. Link tasks so when Task A is completed, Task B is triggered. This allows multi-step workflows.

The right retail task management software makes all the difference. It must work in real-time and provide a centralized record of integrity for all tasks. Excel checklists and email are not enough.

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This post is part of our Expert Content series. In highly competitive industries like retail and hospitality, it is critical to hit the ground running with flawless execution of programs and brand standards.
When issues are found, assign corrective actions to ensure they are resolved before they affect the guest experience, the brand’s reputation, and the bottom line.
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Effective retail and hospitality execution requires certain components, first communication, second task management, and third audits / assessments.

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