The Bindy Workflow

Bindy implements an end-to-end, closed-loop store execution workflow. It you want to validate brand standards or "make it happen" at store level, Bindy is for you. Let's dive in on key steps of of a common workflow for a retail organization. Step 1: Build checklist(s) at head-office Build forms using the system's web-based Form Builder … Continue reading The Bindy Workflow

10 Ways to Improve Store Execution

In-store execution is known to drive sales and cut costs.  But for these and other known merits of execution, how do you actually achieve it? Below, 10 tips to help you improve program execution across your locations. 1. Seek clarity First, define and describe standards clearly and unequivocally. This point seems obvious but is often overlooked … Continue reading 10 Ways to Improve Store Execution

What is a Retail Audit Action Plan?

What is an action plan? When the district manager walks a store/location as part of the retail audit, she is bound to find issues. Even the best and most diligent operators make mistakes occasionally. Brand standards exist for a reason: they protect the brand and make locations more inviting to guests and more profitable. The … Continue reading What is a Retail Audit Action Plan?