What is an Action Plan?

When district managers visit sites, they are bound to find issues. Even the best and most diligent operators make mistakes occasionally. Brand standards exist for a reason: they protect the brand and make sites more inviting to guests and more profitable. The action plan is an opportunity to apply corrective actions to problem areas. It … Continue reading What is an Action Plan?

4 Ways To Relieve Pain in Operations

Do you suffer from chronic pain with your retail or hospitality operations? The sort of pain that hurts sales, increases costs and damages the brand. The kind of pain that hurts financially, slows down operations and puts the business at risk. Do you need relief? Read on. The pain: Relying on “theory” and wishful Thinking. … Continue reading 4 Ways To Relieve Pain in Operations

10 Reasons Why Retailers Need Store Audit Software

We couldn’t think of one reason why retailers, particularly franchise-based retailers, use (or ought to use) store audit software, we thought of ten. 1. Your customers and employees’ health and safety When serving customers, compliance with standards and regulations is not simply a matter of building a positive customer experience; your customers and employees’ health … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Retailers Need Store Audit Software

Mystery Shopping vs. District Managers

Some swear by it. Other won't go near it. Mystery Shopping certainly has its champions and also its detractors. In this article, we go over the key differences between mystery shopping and district manager led assessments. Let's dive in. District manager-led audits focus on the process A mystery shopping program and district manager audits ultimately … Continue reading Mystery Shopping vs. District Managers

It is Time to Abandon Excel for Brand Standards

When we went paper less, we all assumed we'd magically become more efficient. Whiz-bang, look at us saving data! However, you can be just as inefficient with technology as you can without. Capturing data electronically does not, in and of itself, make it efficient. To make matters worse, multi-unit operators now collect more data about … Continue reading It is Time to Abandon Excel for Brand Standards

Who Benefits from Site Visits?

Retail audits, store visits and hotel assessments are proven to protect the brand, drive brand standards, increase customer satisfaction and mitigate risks in multi-unit retail and hospitality. How exactly will retail audits conducted with Bindy benefit you? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from regularly visiting and auditing your sites with Bindy. … Continue reading Who Benefits from Site Visits?

District Managers or Checklists?

You need to check brand standards across your retail or hospitality business, for all franchisees and locations. How do you do that? Do you rely on district managers, their experience and personal touch or do you deploy checklists for all to fill-out? Checklists largely consist of yes/no answers to standard questions. When a district manager … Continue reading District Managers or Checklists?

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Calibrating Checklists and Teams

In a retail and hospitality environment, a checklist is a collection of brand standards and best practices. What goes on the checklist reflects what matters to the brand (strategic initiatives, seasonal programs, etc…), what the brand is required to do (laws and regulations, health and safety, etc…) and what it aspires to be, operationally and … Continue reading Calibrating Checklists and Teams

Don’t Sweat the Score, Seize the Opportunity

Assigning point values to inspection items is a common practice in retail and hospitality. The idea is to obtain an overall score for the store and an indication of the store's compliance with a program or sets of standards. Scoring a store may however trigger unexpected reactions from the franchisee or store manager. Most operators … Continue reading Don’t Sweat the Score, Seize the Opportunity

Why the 4th Quarter is Critical to Retail

The 4th quarter is essential to a retailer’s bottom line. It is the biggest quarter for retail sales in the United States. In addition, over one-third of small businesses in the United States report that Q4 is the most profitable time of the year. Q4 is an opportunity a retail business simply cannot pass. The … Continue reading Why the 4th Quarter is Critical to Retail