a Hospitality Masterclass From a Gyro Take-Out

I live in the center of Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood. In a place like this, you’d think I could find a good Gyro. Let me assure you, Alexandros does not disappoint in this regard. The gyro is tender, juicy, and perfectly garlicky.

But what I love the best about Alexandros is the feeling of getting a masterclass in hospitality with a gyro on the side. Let me explain.  

In the retail and hospitality business, we throw a lot of jargon around. We talk about the “customer experience” and the “customer journey”. We talk about “likelihood to recommend” and “experiential retail”. There is nothing wrong with that, but as with any jargon and industry term, we sometime become detached from the essence of what we do, the very reason we are doing it at all.  

When you leave Alexandros, you are greeted with a simple framed message and a photo. A message that is simply personable, thankful, and accountable. I call this a masterclass in hospitality.

This store owner is telling me, “This is who I am, I am thankful that you are here, and I stand by this”. No jargon, slogan or “analyst speak” can possibly touch this.  

Scale but Remain focused on store ownership

When done, here is content other readers find helpful:

It is easy to assume this can’t be scaled. It can, with the resources you already have. They are called franchisees.

When you walk into a Starbucks, a UPS Store or a 7-Eleven, you are walking into someone’s place of business, a business owner otherwise known as a franchisee. Many franchisees own only one or two stores. They work hard and are often deeply involved in the business and the community. They are owners, just like Alexandros and they stand by the product or service they offer.  

You can scale this model, you just have to put owners, franchisees and management at the center of the model.

Let us remember that success in retail and hospitality starts with a genuine desire to service customers and guests, with due gratitude and accountability. That is what draws customers in, and drives repeat business.  

If you have good store managers and dedicated owners, people who dare to put themselves forward, people who take personal responsibility for the product or service they offer, you do not have, and will never have, a problem finding customers.

Now, you have to try that Gyro.

Fabien Tiburce
CEO, Bindy

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