🚀 Don’t Sweat the Score, Seize the Opportunity

Assigning point values to inspection items is a common practice in retail and hospitality. The idea is to obtain an overall score for the store and an indication of the store's compliance with a program or sets of standards. Scoring a store may however trigger unexpected reactions from the franchisee or store manager. Most operators … Continue reading 🚀 Don’t Sweat the Score, Seize the Opportunity

Misconceptions about Brand Standards

Let's be completely frank. Are your franchisees, and sites fully in line with brand standards? A survey by the In-Store Implementation Network sought to quantify a facet of this issue, specifically merchandising, and asked retail professionals how they measure performance of in-store merchandising. Twenty-eight percent of those surveyed responded that they "make the assumption that … Continue reading Misconceptions about Brand Standards

District Managers or Checklists?

You need to check brand standards across your retail or hospitality business, for all franchisees and locations. How do you do that? Do you rely on district managers, their experience and personal touch or do you deploy checklists for all to fill-out? Checklists largely consist of yes/no answers to standard questions. When a district manager … Continue reading District Managers or Checklists?