Why the 4th Quarter is Critical to Retail

The 4th quarter is essential to a retailer’s bottom line. It is the biggest quarter for retail sales in the United States.

The biggest quarter for retail sales

The months between October and December are commonly known as “the holiday season”. They include consumer-spending holidays and celebrations such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas. In the 4th quarter, customers come to your stores, not to browse but to spend (can’t leave those stockings or that table empty, can you?).

Are your stores ready?

make the 4th quarter a success

Unsurprisingly, you’ll need great product selection and great merchandising. But that’s not all. To capitalize on the opportunities of the 4th quarter, drive sales and profits, your merchandising and in-store programs need to be executed, on time, in full, in all stores.

The success of a retailer’s merchandising, operations and loss-prevention programs hinges on store execution. In-store execution makes the theory at head-office a reality on the ground. In-store execution “makes it happen”. Execution helps stores deliver the brand’s vision, sales and profits targets.

This 4th quarter, make sure every in-store program is executed on time, in full, in all locations.

One More Thing...

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