Security Tips for Retailers

Just because one retailer may be smaller than another, that does not mean they have any less responsibility regarding their security. Whether it be from a break-in or a cyber-attack, most retailers will experience some form of a security breach. This is why we have put together these security tips for retailers.

Regardless of the method the breach might take, the effect may be devastating. With retailers already running on the brink, any threat to their profitability has to be duly considered. Retailers failing to guard their businesses against these various threats put themselves at serious risk for loss.

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In addition to retailers protecting their physical properties, they also have the duty of securing their presence online. These multiple fronts mean breaches can come in multiple forms, preventing retailers from ignoring certain threats in favor of others. An example being, a business with locked doors is still vulnerable if their Wi-Fi router is left unsecured. Simply because retailers vary in size and have access to different resources, that does not mean one is less of a target than the other. Everybody has the responsibility to protect themselves and their customers.

Below, some tips you can follow to help ensure your stores are secure against physical and online threats.

Physical Security Tips for Retailers

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Keeping an eye on your property can deter criminals and help identify intruders after the fact.


Security lighting connected to motion detectors can tell intruders to steer clear of your property.


Limit the number of entrances to your property, and keep track of everyone who enters or exits.


Make sure you keep landscaping and trees neatly trimmed — otherwise, you are giving criminals ready-made hiding places



Installing alarm systems and displaying warning signs in prominent locations around your property can be a strong deterrent to crime.


Keep sensitive information protected by backing it up and securing it in a safe that can protect it against thieves as well as fire or flood damage.


If your business has multiple rooms or multiple buildings — or even multiple vehicles — it’s a must to use a key management system to track who uses keys, when and where.


Keep windows closed and locked, especially during off-hours.

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Online Security Tips for Retailers


Use encryption when sending any type of attachments via email.


Make sure servers are password-protected and change your passwords regularly.


Don’t allow unrestricted guest access on your Wi-Fi network. If you need a guest network, create a separate network that is not tied into your POS, security or any store data.


When you spot a security issue, take care of it as soon as possible.


More ways to secure your stores

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