✔️ CPG Merchandising Checklist

Use this sample CPG Merchandising Checklist to create or update your visual merchandising program across your retail partner locations.

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  1. Shelves are stocked.
  2. No product holes.
  3. There are no unauthorized items.
  4. All authorized items are stocked on the shelf.
  5. Correct planogram used for the location and category (attach a photo).
  6. Number of “facings” is appropriate to allow optimum number of different SKUs.
  7. Product has been “fronted” correctly.
  8. Signage and shelf wobblers are used effectively and consistently with contractual agreement.
  9. How many new competitive items are in store (attach photos of each item).


  1. Is XYZ product in stock?
  2. Record price of XYZ product.
  3. Is XYZ product on promotion?
  4. Is the price of XYZ product correct?
  5. Has an order been placed by the store for more XYZ product?
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In-store promotions

  1. In-store promotions are current and consistent with contractual agreement.
  2. All displays in “like new” condition.
  3. Bulk floor displays are positioned correctly and are safe (no tripping hazard).
  4. Stand-alone displays are maintained and stocked.
  5. Specials “bins” and displays are clearly signed, pricing posted and positioned in hot spot zones.


  1. Staff know where our products are located in the store when questioned.
  2. Staff demonstrate product knowledge when asked.
  3. Staff are familiar with our brand and have received adequate product training.


  1. Product is stored properly.
  2. Product evidences rotation to avoid loss from expiry.
  3. Expired product is dealt with according to policy.

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