Holiday Visual Merchandising Tricks That Can Be Used All Year

The holiday season means you have more merchandise to move than ever, but your store size has stayed the same. How can you display and sell more merchandise in the same footprint? We have some tips to help you get the most from your holiday merchandising, but even better, you can use these tips all year long.


When done, here is content other readers find helpful:

You have a lot more vertical and deep space than you think you do. Have a look around, ask yourself the following questions.

Can you layer a ladder in front of existing shelving?

Can you layer baskets in front or under an existing display, or by the checkout area?

Are your tables able to nest under each other so you can use them and put them away as needed?

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Outdoor Planters

Outdoor planters can really help the mood around the holidays. They can be changed with the seasons and help make a great first impression to your customers. Invest in two small planters to flank your entryway and invite your guests to come shop!

Hanging Window Displays

A curtain rod installed above your window out of eyesight opens up the possibilities adding in layers when dressing your windows. A double curtain rod can help with that even further.

You can use it to hang a curtain when you are changing out the display to build anticipation or you simply can hang seasonal merchandise, decorations or lights.

String Lights

Twinkling lights are the perfect accent when merchandising for the holiday season. If you invest in simple string lights, you can use them all year round.


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