Prevention vs. Reaction

You own or manage a retail business. Should you spend your time and energy preventing issues before they happen or deal with them when they do? Let’s dive in.


Prevention is the store manager servicing the equipment to avoid unplanned failure. It is the kitchen staff storing egg-based products in the refrigerator and frequently washing hands. And, it is the franchisee communicating customer service standards and proper greetings to new hires.

District manager retail audit in a store with a tablet


Reaction is the store manager making an emergency call to the repair technician because the grill no longer works. It is the restaurant manager issuing an apology and free vouchers to those patrons who had food poisoning last night. It is the franchisee responding to customer complaints over improper food preparation and substandard service.

Should you…

Should you manage your stores with prevention or reaction? One protects the brand, reduces risks and helps build relationships. The other causes disruptions, costs money and puts the brand at risk. Still undecided? Fear not, if you don’t chose the first, you will most likely end up with the second. Choose wisely.


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