“Old School” Retail Sayings

There is something about “Old school” sayings. Somehow, they seem to capture tried-and-true wisdom. As retail professionals, we tend to use them to illustrate core values of the retail industry.

Recently, David Johnson a member of the District Managers and Retail Operations group on LinkedIn, asked members to share their favourite “old school” retail sayings.  Below, a compilation of some of the best entries.

Inspect what you expect – Phil Doucette

Hope is not a management strategy – Robert Steven Schumann

Sales cure all evils – Kimberly Betts

A happy customer tells their friends but an unhappy one tells everyone – Cat Montgomery

Unless you do it on time, in full, at every site, you are not executing at all

Retail is Detail – Michael Morrison

A business with no signs is a sign of no business – Neil Warwicker

When in doubt throw it out! – Bill Quade

You can’t sell from an empty wagon – Michelle Tognarina

Trust but verify – Louis Tenney

Eye appeal is buy appeal – Bodie Riddle

The customer may not always be right, but they are always the customer – Stacey Scheirer

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